Hello World

We begin with a thought experiment...

Assume the world needs — as soon as possible — a parallel economy with the following characteristics:

  • Its money is sound and incorruptible, with a fixed supply that politicians cannot manipulate, and which can be sent instantly and cheaply anywhere in the world
  • Its participants may connect, communicate and transact with each other freely, needing no permission from coercive governments or corrupt institutions
  • Its social structures are all voluntary, based on mutual consent, and can be easily created, updated, joined, and left with no friction or red tape

How would you build this parallel economy?

Does birthing this parallel economy have an optimal tech stack?

And does that tech stack exist today, or is it missing some key pieces?

These are the questions we hope to answer at Arcade Labs.

On this website we'll share code, analysis, and technical deep-dives on the building blocks for the new parallel economy.

In time we hope to offer a suite of products and services to empower developers to build that new economy faster.

Check out our projects page to see what we're working on now.

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And contact us if you think you can help.